Height: 172cm

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Location: Perth

Available For: Bikini Waitressing, Business Promotion & Pit/Grid Girl.


Why did you decide to do Promo Work? The scenery, lifestyle the people you meet. Its a role that suits me well as I'm outgoing fun and bubbly I'm not the type to be stuck indoors behind a desk.


Your beauty tips?  

- Use BB cream instead of foundation 
- After a hot shower rinse yourself with cold water - helps close pores and helps preventing split ends


Favorite song, book & movie:

Song -Flo Rida - my house & tech 9
Book- ed Sheeran - visual journey 
Movie - Batman vs Superman - I'm a batman fanatic

Your life quote: Throw me to the wolves and i will return leading the pack &
Don't close the book when bad things happens just turn the page and start a new chapter.






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