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Motorvation 30, January 2016

It's where this all began, a few months of hard work, photoshoots, recruiting and team bonding lead up to Kandy Promotions launch at this Event, we announced ourselves as a company and had a real blast doing it!


The event went off, every day over the weekend, the girls were around the pits and behind the scenes, and before too long we were starting to really get noticed. As the weekend went on our role and the Girls role went from getting our faces out their to being trackside handing out the tropies to the winners of the burnout comps, aswell as being starters for a number of the races. Kandy Promotions was being announced over the PA on regular intervals and the Company was announced.


Our 1st event as a Company and what a great one it was! We come out the blocks and came out with a bang, Kandy is a Proffessional company and we pride ourselves on our standards, that showed this weekend with the praise and publicity that got hailed to us, we fast saw why being proffessional is important and beneficial to all parties and we will maintain this standard!

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