Height: 152cm

Hair Colour: Brunette

Eye Colour: Hazel

Location: Perth

Available For: Bikini Waitressing, Business Promotion & Pit/Grid Girl.


Why did you decide to do Promo Work? I wanted to become a promo girl to gain experience and exposure in the industry. You are given so many great opportunities to work with some amazing companies, and the team work involved is fantastic!


What do you do for fun? My idea of fun is training extremely hard on my body to sculpt my physique. I am currently in training for INBA and fitness/ physique modelling and train 6/7 days a week. If I am not lifting tin, I also take part in athletic pole dancing and perform aerial silks. In my spare time out of the gym, I love having coffees on the beach!


Your life quote? My life quote is 'find your tribe and love them hard'. Find what it is that you love. Work on it every day. Surround yourself with people who have the same mind set and goals as you, and continue to improve yourself!

Style icon in the fashion world:

Samantha Harris- She is Australia's most famous indigenous model to be on the cover of 'vogue'. This is so inspiring because she is is so different and unique.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years I see myself continuing to compete in physique competitions. I am currently trying to raise funds for HIV awareness in Bali and would love to keep pursuing this eduction with the locals.





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